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From 2004 to date, San Rafael operations have generated more than S /. 1,638 million for concession fees and S /. 318 million in mining royalties for Puno.

Over the past 5 years, we have also handed over more than S /. 188 million arising from profit-sharing surpluses to Puno regional government.

San Rafael is also the source of direct employment for more than two thousand people and a source of indirect employment for approximately another five thousand.

Moreover, Minsur has contributed more than S /. 44 million as part of the solidarity with the people program, which has been invested in health, education, drinking water and productive development programs in different parts of the region. We currently promote the following initiatives:

  • Minsur educational program -DLT: promotes an integral and sustainable improvement in the quality of initial and primary education of students in Antauta and Ajoyani districts and the rural community of Queracucho.
  • Livestock development program: helps to develop and boost the productive, technical, commercial, and institutional capabilities of the livestock sector of the area. Furthermore, it improves the quality of the flocks of alpacas, sheep and cattle and promotes good breeding practices. See brochure.
  • «Sierra Productive» program: Taking place in Ajoyani district focusing on utilizing the potential of local families and the incorporation of different technologies adapted to the specific conditions.
  • Sanitation program: Provides families with Access to quality drinking water and a sewage treatment system using pour-flush latrines.
  • «Warm homes» project: Aims to reduce the ravages of the cold and the incidence of respiratory diseases through the implementation of a solar heating system, an improved kitchen and a system for insulating roofs, windows and doors.
  • Ophthalmological and dental campaigns: Aimed at students who participate in the education program. Aimed at students participating in the education program. Carried out in partnership with Aporta and the International Clinic in coordination with local health facilities and schools, together with the parents’ consent.

At the same time, through our San Rafael Social Responsibility office, we invest an average of S/. 550,000 annually in various social and business projects such as the implementation of an infrastructure for irrigation, fencing, investment in machinery, health campaigns and education, amongst others.


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