Living in harmony with agriculture and animal husbandry

Minsur has a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment. Therefore we have equipped all our operations to deliver the highest standards of environmental management.

We carry out mining operations using eco-friendly technology and care for the local landscape, water, flora and fauna. Not only do we meet the national environmental standards, but we exceed them and we pursue a policy of transparency in our management of the environment.

In San Rafael, we carry out daily checks of the water and treat the tailings to return water in good condition to the river, which the local villagers use in livestock management and agriculture with excellent results.

In Pucamarca our operations do not use a single drop of water that supplies the city of Tacna. We operate using the Azufre River groundwater, unfit for human consumption or for agriculture, which we then recirculate and reuse. Neither do we dump effluent or generate tailings.

Our Pisco Foundry plant is equipped with a modern monitoring system to control emissions and the chimneys only discharge water vapor rather than smoke.

Together we can build a better world for future generations.