In San Rafael, we carry out daily checks of water and use a system which permits the return of good quality water to the river, which is used with excellent results for livestock and agriculture. We also conduct participatory environmental monitoring in conjunction with the authorities and local residents in the area.

Pucamarca does not use water which supplies the population of Tacna. We operate exclusively with the Azufre River basin groundwater, which is unfit for both human consumption and for agriculture. Neither do we generate tailings because we use the rock leaching method, nor do we dump effluent. The Pucamarca area in rich in indigenous species such as the Suri, the Vicuña and the Queñua, for which we have developed various research programs to promote their care.

The Pisco Smelter Plant began using the submerged nozzle technology and does not discharge toxic fumes into the environment, only water vapor. A modern comprehensive ventilation system located at the internal discharge points and their filter pockets, substantially improves air quality. We also have modern monitoring equipment to control the emission of exhaust gases.