Leadership through talent and commitment

Our sites operate under the leadership of top drawer professionals. Each manager has been chosen based on their talent, track-record and values, enriching our management with their experience, professionalism and commitment.


Fortunato Brescia Moreyra

Rosa Brescia de Fort
Mario Brescia Moreyra
Pedro Brescia Moreyra
Alex Fort Brescia
Jaime Araoz Medanic
Miguel Arambur√ļ √Ālvarez-Calder√≥n
Patricio De Solminihac


Top Management

General Manager (CEO)
Juan Luis Kruger Say√°n

Chief  Operatings Officer (COO)
Alberto Cárdenas Rodríguez

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Joaquín Larrea Gubbins

Director of Transformation and Strategy
Diego Molina Henriquez

Director of Corporate Affairs
Gonzalo Quijandría Fernández

Director of Logistics & TI
Ralph Alosilla-Velazco Vera

Director of Engineering and Projects
Enrique Rodriguez Cerde√Īa

Director of Human Resources 
√Ālvaro Escalante Ruiz

Internal Auditor 
Hik Park


Operations Manager Peru
Alan Angles Arrué

Operations Manager ‚Äď San Rafael
Fredy Guti√©rrez √Ālvarez

Operations Manager ‚Äď Pucamarca
Luis Esteban Ingaroca

Operations Manager ‚Äď Pisco
Ivo Serkovic

Supply & Contract Manager
Ricardo Raul Andujar

Sales Manager
Pío Dávila Cabrejos

Explorations Manager
Miroslav Kalinaj

Foundries Manager
José Oré Rivera

Social Affairs Manager
José Chang León

Legal Manager
Emilio Alfageme Rodríguez-Larraín

Property Security Manager
Andrés Panizo Otero

Occupational Health and Safety Manager
Belisario Pérez Chávez