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Minsur operates according to a business approach designed to put its mining activities into operation in a socially responsible manner. Our approach is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in our organizations’ values, which emphasize the pursuit of excellence, commitment, integrity, responsibility, trust and safety. The sustainability of our business is based on respect for the rule of law and a commitment to sustainable development. Thus, we declare the following:

  • We protect the environment responsibly managing natural and productive resources by the use of high environmental standards, fulfilling those standards and applying environmentally friendly technologies.
  • We operate first-class management standards which allow us to optimize production costs and be internationally competitive, providing a product that meets the quality required by our customers in a timely manner.
  • We ensure that our Social responsibility policy is fulfilled in our value and supply chains.
  • We foster relationships of trust and mutual respect with the surrounding communities, based on a commitment to sustainable development and open and honest dialogue.
  • We reaffirm our commitment to Peru, aware of the role that mining activity plays in the country’s’ development.

All of this is a reflection of the values in which we believe and with which we operate. All members of the Minsur family take them on board and make them own and promote them amongst our stakeholders.


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