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Mining Operations.

Benches with sub-levels of 12 to 20 meters height are prepared to make up the drilling and blasting levels. Extraction levels are prepared by the development of galleries parallel to the mineralized structure for every 3 or 4 sublevels.

Concentration Plant

Ore extracted from the mine passes through a three stage size reduction process.

Using this material the gravimetric concentration in Gekko and Bendelari jigs commences, whereby 50% of the Tin content is retrieved. The remaining material is ground to a finer degree of particle size, treated in the concentrating tables and then re-milled by mesh.

Concentrates from the jigs are re-milled and undergo sulphide flotation and MG2 re-cleaning spirals and duplex jig, raising the grade to 63% Sn. After the gravimetric and direct flotation concentrates are filtered by Delkor band filters and Eimco press, they are stored separately and are packaged in bags of 1,250 to 1,500 kg, forming lots of 30 tons.

Excess material from the process goes to a thickener tank in which water is separated from the tailings. The water is treated and clarified ready for reuse. Tailings go towards the tailings dam or inside the mine where it is mixed with cement for use as filler paste, which helps to stabilize the rock mass.

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